Innovators in Airflow Shaping

Multi-Wing evolves  with the market and sees every change as an opportunity to improve and design new innovative fan solutions. Long-term investing in research and implementing new technologies helped us extend the company’s focus from impellers to complex fan system. Currently, we produce the highest-performing axial fan designs and to be the airflow shaping choice within the industry for both current and future generations. Innovation is key and improvement is a way of life.

Excellent performance through advanced technology

We use Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) together with other innovative technologies and approaches to research fan blade performance. Utilizing performance data, technical requirements, and implementing high-tech engineering concepts, our teams of engineers design advanced blade profiles that can overcome air-moving challenges, such as, high pressure resistant blades with a specific blade profile. We produce exact scale models of fan blades using a rapid prototyping machine that meets the desired design criteria for your custom application from a 3D file. Our solutions are technically accurate, smart and energy efficient.
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