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Key features of our PMAX7

Lower noise emissions

Lower power consumption

High airflow and static pressure capability

Robust and durable steel hub

Low projected width and pitch adjustment

Modular fan for engine cooling

All new heavy duty
high pressure modular fan


Suitable for medium to large gensets, compressors, 
and off-highway machinery applications
with challenging engine cooling requirements.


Optimized blades offer high efficiency gain with lower noise emissions in a highly adaptable modular impeller configuration with a high strength steel hub. The fan is tailored for gensets and it’s adaptable for mobile applications. The steel hub design allows project specific diameter adjustments without changing blade geometries.


With 60 years of experience in aerodynamics, using a flexible and modular fan system paired with efficient motors and drives allows Multi-Wing to offer modular fan solutions showing improved cooling performances within the same power envelope.

Energy saving

Multi-Wing offers energy savings without compromising on cooling needs, improving lifetime and energy balance of products, systems and applications.

PMAX7 is optimal for
the following applications

Mining excavators



Mining trucks

PMAX7 specifications


    • Diameter range 5-blade hub: 992 – 1422 mm (39” – 56”)
    • Diameter range 7-blade hub: 1114 – 1600 mm (43,85” – 63”)
    • Low axial width and excellent efficiency at high static pressure
    • Reduced noise emissions
    • New steel hub design and adjustable pitch setting system
    • Strong blade stiffness to minimize deflection
    • Operating speed up to 1285 rpm @ 20°C at full blade length
    • Pitch angles: 26° / 31° / 36°


    • Lower noise emissions
    • High airflow and static pressure capability for demanding cooling application with high ambient temperatures
    • Lower power consumption
    • High durability
    • Robust and durable steel hub
    • Low projected width for compact cooling packages
    • Pitch adjustment to fine-tune performance
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