Order Replacement Fan

Order Replacement Fan

Please use this tool to find replacement fans only. Not for OEM use.

Multi-Wing offers replacement fan blades for a broad range of industrial applications for HVAC, refrigeration, radiator and engine cooling fans. Because Multi-Wing uses a component parts system of impeller design, we can often provide replacement fan blades for damaged impellers that were originally manufactured by Multi-Wing, and we can design replacement fans in other situations. We use high strength, industrial fan blades in aluminum, nylon and polypropylene for all our axial flow fans. Depending on the extent of the repair, we can ship replacement fan blades for damaged wings in 1 to 3 days: For uncut fan blades we often ship on the same day.

Our sales engineering and customer service staffs work with you to identify the exact fan you have and get the replacement fan blades you need as quickly as possible. You can also choose to use Multi-Wing Parts: our online software that walks you through the fan identification process and builds your Multi-Wing part number code based on your input. And at Multi-Wing America we take providing replacement fan blades just as seriously as filling an order for a thousand custom fans. That means we build a complete fan that matches your specifications to ensure that your replacement fan blades will be trimmed to your custom diameter. Then we disassemble the fan and send you only the parts you need. Our component system also means that there is no limit to the replacement fan blades you can order from our vast inventory of impeller parts.

The need for replacement fan blades can also be an important opportunity to look at other variables as well. Damaged wings or blades may be the problem, but you should also consider whether you have any pitting or corrosion in the fan hub. Replacing the entire fan can be more cost effective in the long run because you will get a factory balanced, custom fan that could improve your performance and efficiency in a much quieter fan. And a fan that isn’t properly balanced can result in undue vibration, causing excessive wear on mechanical components. If replacement fan blades are still your best option and you have questions, send us a photograph of your fan and a Multi-Wing Sales Engineer will contact you directly to help.

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