Multi-Wing acquires Fabrika Special Motors

Multi-Wing Group, a leader in designing and manufacturing flexible and modular axial fans, acquires the long-term partner Fabrika Special Motors, which until now has been part of the electric motors company Fabrika.

Multi-Wing Group is a plus 400 employee business headquartered in Vedbæk, Denmark with 20 worldwide locations. The integration of Fabrika Special Motors will be an important lever in the build-up of a strong electrical motor competency center to the benefit of both future customers and legacy Fabrika Special Motors and Multi-Wing customers.

We are extremely pleased to have Fabrika Special Motors join our team. They have a track-record of expertise that is second to none and we know that we can quickly build a strong team together, enabling us to deliver modular, flexible solutions to our global customers.

Says Jesper Bernhoft, CEO Multi-Wing Group.

The ambition with this new set-up is to accelerate the supply of complete fan pack solutions and ensure world class technical support to global customers. The high-end solutions offered to the customers will be adaptable to customers needs and best-in-class when it comes to energy-efficiency.

We are very pleased to join Multi-Wing Group, and now be colleagues with the experienced and inspiring team. It will be a pleasure to help global customers with even better and more efficient fan solutions in the future.

Says Jens Amdisen, seller Fabrika Special Motors A/S.

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