Key features of our ƐPS™ fan blade extensions


High Chemical

Improved Pressure
Capabilities up to 25%

Improved Efficiency
up to 8%


Multi-Wing ƐPS™ fan blade extensions provide a great upgrade to any custom axial fan. Attached at the end of the blade to close the gap between the shroud and the fan tip, these special bristles improve the overall performance of your axial fan. They are designed to trigger minimal turbulence to reduce noise, boost efficiency up to 8%, and increase pressure capabilities up to 25%. Multi-Wing ƐPS™ bristles offer smooth motion, easy maintenance and enhance performance in any application.

The fan blade extensions are extremely durable and provide high mechanical and chemical resistance, which makes them suited for wide range of applications in various industries, including off-road and HVAC. Moreover, they can operate in temperatures up to 248°F (120°C). Their high chemical resistance is verified by third-party testing. The tests show no damage of the extensions when exposed to hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, coolant, as well as R134a refrigerant, and lubricant. Fatigue testing proves that performance and noise remain unchanged and maintain optimal performance levels and static strength testing shows that Multi-Wing ƐPS™ can withstand loads of more than 40N/mm. The ƐPS fan blade extensions are compatible with Multi-Wing fans.

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