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Motor & Drive Systems

Key features of our Motor & Drive Systems

AC, EC, PM and BLDC motors

High efficiency up to and above IE5

Up to IP65

Up to 30 kW

Optimised for fan duty

Multi-Wing has an internal motor and drives competence center, highly specialized in developing customized and high-efficient AC and PM electric motors with or without drives.

Our motor and drives team is involved in the fan solution project from the start to ensure that all customer demands are met and the best possible customized solution for the specific customer application is found. We have experience with various customizations whether it’s special cables, coating or castings, we help engineer a solution that fits the your application. We constantly focus on optimizing the efficiency of the motor and drive system and ensure the optimal configuration. Focusing on high efficiencies at lower fan speeds in the optimization process helps to ensure the highest possible energy savings during the lifetime of the fan pack. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you get the best possible customized and highly efficient fan solution.

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