Key features of our fan clutch systems



Modulation Range

Mounting Options

Maintenance Free
with Long Operating Life

Multi-Wing, as a supplier of high-performance axial fans, is a single-source provider of fan and fan clutch systems. The combination of an axial fan and a viscous clutch provides broad modulation range and significantly reduces noise and fuel consumption, contributing to meet stringent emissions requirements. These custom systems are designed to the specifications for the right modular system to provide optimal airflow for a customer’s application. They also reduce clogging, have long operating life and requiring little or no maintenance.

All fan clutches offer a broad modulation range and flexible mounting options. The viscous clutches are electronically controlled or air sensing via bi-metal sensor. The electronically controlled fan clutches are highly responsive with precise modulation, suitable for low-temperature operating conditions, and available in a wide torque range.

The bi-metal fan clutches are highly responsive, lightweight, durable and have high temperature sensitivity. These fan drive systems are best suited for off-highway and stationary equipment, including tractors, skid steers, excavators, construction equipment, pavers, articulated dump trucks and power generators.

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