Benefits and features of our axial fans for tractors:

and Temperature Resistance




Minimal Blade

Proper tractor engine cooling requires a modular or one-piece fan that can operate under very high pressure and temperatures, without wasting power on unnecessary cooling. Multi-Wing’s custom axial fans can be supplied with fuel-saving bimetal and electronically controlled viscous clutches.

Multi-Wing’s robust, modular and one-piece fans are compact for limited space with minimal blade deflection and low operating noise. They are best suited for EGR and reduced emissions engines. These custom-configure are recommended for compact (<40 hp), utility (40 - 100 hp), and high power (100 - 600 hp) tractors.

Multi-Wing’s best axial fan solutions for compact, utility and high-power tractors

  • OPMAX2, 1H, 6H, diameter 320 – 450 mm, suitable for ƐPS
  • OPMAX2, OPMAX3, diameter 17.72 – 23.62 inches (450 – 600 mm), BM/EV clutches available, suitable for ƐPS
  • OPMAX4, diameter 23.62 – 29.82 inches (600 – 760 mm), EV clutches available, suitable for ƐPS
  • OPMAX4, 7Z, 7Z2, diameter 26.77 – 62.99 inches (680 – 1000 mm), EV clutches possibility, suitable for ƐPS
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