Benefits and features of our axial fans for your gensets:

and Durability





Genset engine cooling requires fan solutions featuring high durability, reliability and 24/7 performance. Resistant to high temperatures, our custom fans deliver outstanding performance under difficult conditions with low noise.

Multi-Wing’s custom axial fans allow minimal blade deflection and reduce parasitic loss. These fans are best suited for mobile and stationary generator sets. Crankshaft mounting is also available.

Multi-Wing’s best axial fan solutions for mobile and stationary generator sets:

  • OPMAX2, OPMAX3, OPMAX4, 2Z2, 7Z, 7Z2, diameters 18.90 – 49.21 inches (480 – 1250 mm), EV clutches available, suitable for ƐPS
  • 7Z2, 5W, 6W, 9W2, diameter 31.50 – 78.74 inches (800 – 2000 mm), EV clutches available, suitable for ƐPS

We differentiate ourselves across three parameters


Fan solutions must be able to withstand corrosive and humid environments. It is important to meet both mechanical and electrical specifications, as well as local conditions and operators' needs. Our strain gauge testing, ensures that our solutions live up to all durability needs by providing stress tests in the fan's end habitat, rather than at a test facility

Energy efficiency

Power generators are a source of back up energy, and therefore downtime is not an acceptable alternative. With the power generator operating 24/7/365, it is necessary to have high efficiency to lower the total cost of operation. With an optimized impeller design, that pushes air with ease at low effort, you are looking at lower power consumption, resulting increased efficiency


Gensets is a broad category, with a spectrum of different types of power generators, all with different requirements incl. material, temperature, impeller size. Multi-Wing is 100% customizable to any application, and can tailor material to temperature needs, and adjust impeller sizes

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