Engine Cooling
for Excavators

Benefits and features of our axial fans for your rollers:



and Durability



Engine cooling of excavators requires a strong and reliable fan solution of high performance. Multi-Wing’s custom axial fans not only help to improve engine cooling, but also save energy, and reduce fuel consumption and noise emissions (up to 4 dBA reduction with the ƐPS add-on).

With variable rotational speed, Multi-Wing’s highly efficient axial fans are best suited for hydraulic drive, EGR and reduced emissions engines. These one-piece fans feature specially designed stiff blades which are compact and robust.

Multi-Wing’s best axial fan solutions for mini/compact, medium, large and mining excavators:

  • OPMAX2, PMAX3, 1H, diameter 12.60 - 17.72 inches (320 – 450 mm), BM clutches available, suitable for ƐPS
  • PMAX3, 4H, 2Z2, diameter 15.75 - 20.48 inches (400 – 520 mm), EV clutches available, suitable for ƐPS
  • 2Z2, 7Z, 7Z2, diameter 19.69 - 29.92 inches (500 – 760 mm), EV clutches available, suitable for ƐPS
  • 1W, 6W, 9W2, diameter 39.37 – 63 inches (1000 – 1600 mm), suitable for ƐPS
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