Key features of our D series


2 – 4 Blade

Four Blade

Blades Molded
in Pairs

High Pressure
at Low Speed

Multi-Wing's D series provides a cost-efficient airflow solution combining of high airflow and high-pressure rates at low speeds. Covering the diameters of 15.75 – 26 inches (400 – 660 mm), the D series represents relatively small-diameter axial fans, which makes them ideal for smaller heat exchanger applications, including oil coolers, air-cooled condensers and dry coolers. Due to glass-reinforced polyamide, they are also suitable for low-temperature evaporator applications.

The 8D fans feature injection-molded fan blades made of engineered thermoplastic materials, including industrial-quality glass-reinforced polyamide (PAGI) and anti-static glass-reinforced polyamide (PAGAS nylon). The D series offers the configurations of 2 – 4 blade count with four angles: 25°, 30°, 35° and 40°. The fans are only available in such a configuration where the blades rotate in a clockwise direction when facing the air stream and with broad paddle blade profiles which are molded in pairs.

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