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Custom Fan CF800EC/910EC

Benefits and features of our Custom Fan CF800EC/910EC

High efficient PM motors
with integrated EC control

More than 100 000
fan combinations

Modular Design
allows for easy replacement

Custom Fan meet
your criteria

Durability and Bearing
current protection

The CUSTOMFAN solution presents custom-made fans CF800EC/910EC designed to fit your project needs. We know that the impeller is the key component of the axial fan, however, many other factors influence the fan function. In the design process, we take all factors into account to achieve the optimum flow, less vibration and maximum noise reduction.

Why is the Custom Fan CF800EC/910EC right fit for you?

    • High efficient PM motors with integrated EC control
    • Durability, IP55 construction, Encapsulated controller, 350000 cycles tested
    • Bearing current protection
    • Adjustable pitch angle
    • Wide range of different blade profiles
    • Modular design allows for easy replacement of a component instead of the complete pack

CustomFan 800EC 3kW A-Up 1200 rpm

CustomFan 910EC 3kW A-Up 1165 rpm

CustomFan 800EC 2,2kW A-Up 1150 rpm

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