Key features of our C series

High Temperature

2 – 12 Blade

Pitch Setting


EN 12101-3

Multi-Wing's C series presents a heavy-duty 3C fan designed to withstand extreme temperatures to meet the most demanding air-moving requirements. The 3C high-strength industrial fan is manufactured in aluminum with a reinforced hub and mounted with a steel boss for high temperature resistance and optimum airflow under challenging conditions. Due to its aluminum composition, 3C can resist temperature extremes of -76 – 752 °F (-60 – 400°C) up to 2 hours, which makes it most suitable for a wide range of commercial refrigeration applications, including air-cooled condensers, freezers, coolers, evaporators, food processing, and food storage. The C fans are compliant with the European Standard EN 12101-3:2015 covering industrial ventilation units for smoke and heat control systems, therefore can be safely used in tunnel ventilation, underground parking facilities, and smoke and heat control systems for trains.

The C series offers the configurations of 2 – 12 blade count with variable pitch spacing of 1°. The fans are available in counterclockwise rotation with airfoil blade profiles.

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