Our guidelines

Business Codes of Conduct

It‘s a business

    • Actions are business driven and in tune with our strategy
    • Making profit is important. It funds what we want to do.
    • We always balance short- and longer-term decisions.

Fulfilling your potential

    • We believe in releasing and fulfilling the full potential of our employees, and we expect everybody to make the most of this.
    • We understand that everybody has different talents and skills, and we put an effort into developing these.
    • We focus on opportunities that are in alignment with the individual’s competences and MW’s objectives.

Action and adaption

    • We respond quickly to our business environment.
    • Individuals are empowered to make fast decisions based on professional skills and knowhow.
    • We know when to hold our ground.

Daring to win

    • We thrive on competition and distinguishing ourselves in the market.
    • Difficult decisions are made when necessary.
    • We do not sacrifice long-term objectives for short-term wins. Nor do we compromise our ethics.

Precision and attention to detail

    • We use our skills and talents to deliver the best solutions
    • We approach new tasks with respect and due care
    • We never compromise or lose perspective

Encouraging diversity

  • We believe that diversity makes us stronger and better at what we do.
  • We continuously benefit from people’s differences.
  • We understand that diversity benefits the whole organization.d

Passion and pride

  • We are driven by professional pride, enthusiasm and commitment.
  • We engage people who are passionate and take pride in what they are doing.
  • We do not let our pride get in the way of developing Multi-Wing and each other.

Mutual respect and integrity

  • Our organization is strongly characterized by respect for one another.
  • Discussions and conflicts are regarded as a source of positive change for MW.
  • We do not leave problems or disagreements unsolved.
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