Axial Fans
for Wind Turbines

Benefits and features of our axial fans for wind turbines:


Corrosion Resistance

Uptime Durability

Onshore and Offshore

ErP 2015
and 2020 Compliance

Multi-Wing’s custom axial fans for cooling and ventilation of wind turbines feature optimum airflow, high durability and excellent performance with low noise and vibration. Using special coating materials, our fans withstand onshore and offshore corrosion.

All Multi-Wing’s custom axial fans for wind turbines are ErP 2015 and 2020 compliant.

Multi-Wing’s best axial fan solutions for onshore and offshore wind turbines

    • 1H, 4H, diameter 17.72 – 24.80 inches (450 – 630 mm), suitable for ƐPS
    • EMAX4, 2Z2, 1W, 6W, 7Z / 7Z2, 8W, diameter 22.05 – 49.21 inches (560 – 1250 mm), suitable for ƐPS
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