Axial Fans for Smoke
and Heat Control Systems

Benefits and features of our axial fans for smoke and heat control systems:

High Thermal


High-strength hubs
and blades

full performance

EN 1210-3:2015

Fan solutions for smoke and heat control systems demand high thermal resistance and immediate full performance. Due to special heat-resistant materials, Multi-Wing’s axial fans can withstand temperatures of 752°F (400°C) for up to two hours. To optimize their design, we use special reinforced high-strength hubs and blades.

All Multi-Wing axial fans for smoke and heat control systems are compliant with the BS EN 12101-3: 2015.

Multi-Wing’s best axial fan solutions for small or large smoke and heat control systems

    • 3C, diameter 17.72 – 31.50 inches (450 – 800 mm)
    • 5W, diameter 35.43 – 49.21 inches (900 – 1250 mm)
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