Benefits and features of our axial fans for grain dryers:

High Static





Multi-Wing’s grain drying custom fans feature high durability, low noise and high static pressure. Using special industrial-strength materials, our axial fans are designed to deliver excellent performance under extreme heat conditions and provide extra durability, while their high-efficient blade profiles generate the necessary high static pressure.

Multi-Wing also offers a variety of corrosion-resistant and protective coating options to extend the life of our fans.

Multi-Wing’s best axial fan solutions for bin or batch dryers and continuous flow dryers

  • EMAX4, 5Z, diameter 22.05 – 36.02 inches (560 – 915 mm), suitable for ƐPS
  • 5W, 6W, diameters 31.50 – 49.21 inches (800 – 1250 mm), suitable for ƐPS
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