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Air Cooling Systems
from Multi-Wing

Fan diameter200–1800 mm
100 000+impeller variations
Global support24/7
Green transitionreduce your CO2 emissions
Sustainability standardsto address demands from investors
EcoDesign Directiveincrease energy efficiency by 20%
50%improve energy efficiency
2.4k EUR per fanannual electricity cost
5.6t per fanreducing yearly CO2 emissions

Only Multi-Wing provides you with the highest flexibility and expertise to tailor axial fans to your specific application and performance needs

We provide you with axial fans tailored to your application delivering superior performance on critical features while we strive for collaboration and co-design fans with you using our flexible and modular platform granting you a fit for purpose solution. We operate with a truly global network of sales offices, development centers and production sites providing you with supply certainty and shortest possible lead times


Dry Coolers


Industrial condensers

Cooling towers

Adiabatic coolers

Heat exchangers

Industrial evaporators

Multi-Wing Air Cooling System delivers best energy efficiency for your exact application

Do you want to save on your energy bills, increase power output by up to 50%, reduce CO2 emissions and use the latest technology from a proven supplier with worldwide support and service?

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