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Key features of our Winglet

Fan Upgrade



Sound Reduction


Multi-Wing’s Winglet presents a highly effective solution for reaching the next level of low noise of axial fans. Winglets are highly durable, thermoplastic add-ons applied to the tip of each fan blade using glue, rivets, or ultrasonic welding. They reduce noise levels of the fan up to 7 dBA by preventing air leakage through the tip clearance, minimize vortex shedding, and ensure optimal axial positioning for higher performance.

Winglets are best suited for industrial cooling applications in the middle pressure HVAC segment, including condensers, flatbed coolers and V-coolers. Due to the easy installation on standard Multi-Wing fan blades, Winglets offer a flexible and commercial option to lower sound levels without changing the entire fan design. The Winglet add-ons are designed for pitches ranging from 40 to 50 degrees and can be mounted on impellers within diameter range 850mm to 1340mm.

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