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Testing and Validation

Best Performance with Minimal Noise

Technical excellence has always been a virtue of Multi-Wing’s business and systematic testing is the only way to reach it. Our axial fan solutions go through an exhaustive mechanical validation process to ensure the best performance with low noise. Our experts in aerodynamics use complex testing methods on a wide range of our fans and custom units to determine optimal installation parameters and proper airflow conditions for specific applications. Such analysis provides valuable input necessary for our optimization process and further development resulting in higher efficiency and lower noise emission of our fans. Feel free to contact us if you have any special test requirements.

Wind Tunnel Facilities for Validation

We have established special wind tunnel facilities at our premises which are designed to measure fan performance and noise emission without costly field testing. Through wind tunnels, we test units in relation to air, pressure and sound performance in accordance to ISO5801. We have also invested in noise diagnostic facilities to measure noise levels in accordance to ISO 3745:2017, ISO 3744:2010 and ISO 6393:2008.

Learn more about our sound measuring techniques here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRMcd4Uh2GM

ErP validation can be achieved by using our wind tunnel facilities and the Optimiser software. We hold AMCA accreditation testing fans up to 2,3m.

Feel free to contact our sales engineers to get a guided virtual tour in our wind tunnels and other testing sites. Our engineers can also assist with an on-site validation and be part of your product validation processes. Please contact us for more information if interested.
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