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Key features of our SmartPack

Premium fan-pack solution

Sizes from 900 to 1250 mm

AC & EC motor fit

Modular design

Wide temperature range

+20% higher airflowwith SP900EC or SP1250
+60% higher airflowwith SP900EC 12kW
Modular designeasy replacement
Low Noiselevels
Motor choiceFlexibility
AC & ECMotor Fit
Plug & PlayComplete solution
Corrosion & UVResistant

SmartPack - Premium Fan-Pack Solution

The modular system provides the best possible aerodynamics, optimized design and high strength materials such as thermoplastic and metal components. By covering fan sizes from 900 to 1250 mm and its compatibility with both AC and EC motor technologies, SMARTPACK sets a new standard of functionality, flexibility, and efficiency. Meets current and foreseeable European and International compliance and conformity requirements. For EC motors, SMARTPACK achieves and maintains the highest possible efficiency levels within a wide operating range.

AC Motor Option

The AC combination of an optimized impeller profile and SMARTPACK™ design satisfies the challenging requirements demanded by the industrial refrigeration and heat exchanger markets.

EC Motor Option

SMARTPACK™ achieves and maintains the highest possible efficiency levels within a wide operating range for EC motors. Moreover, it has several control options for easy speed management.

SmartPack SP900

Innovative fan pack solution for 900mm

SmartPack SP1250

High-pressure modular industrial fan-pack designed for heavy duty applications


Dry Coolers


Industrial condensers

Cooling towers

Adiabatic coolers

Heat exchangers

Industrial evaporators

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