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Sales Engineers and White Paper Service

Sales engineers who understand

Multi-Wing’s sales engineers know exactly what you need and are available all around the world. Our experts combine technical knowledge of the product with the customer’s success criteria to design customized solutions for your application. Thanks to their expertise and experience, they make sure that every single custom fan is built using the highest quality components and meets the product requirements and is built to perform.

White papers and research

Our engineers are highly skilled experts in their field. We excel in aerodynamics, mechanical and testing capabilities to optimise axial fans as well as fan pack solutions to specific duty points - they all ensure that every solution fits your needs perfectly.

Quality staff guarantees the success of our products and keeps the established reputation of our company. We do it better together.We research various topics, such as aerodynamic optimization, efficiency improvements, and noise emission. Feel free to contact our sales engineers to get more information about our white paper topics.
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