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OPM and Customer
Specific Solutions

Key features of our One Piece Moulded fans

Noise Reduction due to
Tailored Approach

Efficiency Gain due to
Tailored Approach

Robust and Sturdy

Commercially Competitive


Multi-Wing’s One-Piece Moulded fans and customer specific fan solutions are the optimal solution for high volume projects. The process of preparing your ultimate one-piece moulded fan starts with an in-depth discovery phase of every aspect of your application. Functional points, geometry, noise levels, operational and inlet conditions, balancing grade and many other variables are then considered.

One-piece moulded custom fans can help to address challenges in an application that standard fans won’t be able to meet. Working with customers and applications in detail, tailored OPM fans can help reducing noise by up to 10 dBA and increases efficiency by up to 5%. The One-Piece Moulded fans are made from PAG and can operate in a temperature range from -40 °C to 110 °C (40°-230°F) and PPG materials in a temperature range -10 °C to 80 °C (14°-176°F).

The One-Piece Moulded custom axial fans are best suited for radiator fans and HVAC/R fans.

Multi-Wing's O-PMAX series features one-piece molded fans with ideal configuration for optimized performance with increased efficiency by 5%. The blades are available in lightweight glass-reinforced polyamide (PAG) with a temperature range of -40ºC - 120ºC (-40º - 248º F) and glass reinforced polypropylene (PPG) with a temperature range of -10°C – 80°C (14ºF - 194º F).

Our one-piece fans offer a high-pressure solution with reduced noise and fuel consumption for both standard and custom inlets. O-PMAX are compatible with bimetal or electronically controlled viscous clutches and have a fixed pitch angle. This series includes the models O-PMAX2, O-PMAX3, and O-PMAX4.


O-PMAX2 is a high-performance fan with low power consumption designed for compact engine compartments in utility tractors, compact excavators, small wheel loaders, backhoe loaders and skid steers. They are available in the diameter range of 360-520 mm and operating speeds up to 4585 RPM at max. diameter.


O-PMAX3 is a high-pressure fan designed for compact engine compartments in tractors, agricultural equipment, medium excavators, wheel loaders and roadbuilding equipment such as rollers and pavers, and backhoe loaders. They are available in the diameter range of 432-600 mm, operating speeds up to 3450 RPM at max. diameter, and axial depth of max. 95 mm in full diameter.


O-PMAX4 is a high-pressure fan designed for compact engine compartments in large equipment, especially in high HP-tractors and harvesters, large construction machinery and PowerGen applications. They are available in the diameter range of 600-762 mm and operating speeds up to 2500 RPM at max diameter.

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