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Motor & Drive Systems

Key features of our Motor & Drive Systems

AC, EC, PM and BLDC motors

High efficiency up to and above IE5

Up to IP65

Up to 30 kW

Optimised for fan duty

Multi-Wing has an internal motor and drives competence center, highly specialized in developing customised and high-efficient AC and PM electric motors with or without drives.

Ambitious team of engineers

We are nine competent and experienced engineers, and we are ready to assist you in choosing the best and most energy efficient fan, perfectly optimized for your product. We help you throughout the entire process with commissioning of fans. From the early stages of choosing the right motor and drive to the final application. Our goal is together with you, to find the technical solution that gives you the best possible application whether it is a dry cooler, chiller, cooling tower etc. Our ambitious team strive to make the process of choosing the right fan as professional and smooth as possible by providing the best and most qualified engineers in the field.


Multi-wing motors support a green future

Besides supporting our customers, it is critical to be ahead of the market trends and ensure we always have the best and most energy efficient motors and drives available in our fans. This way we make sure, that we develop the best possible products for our costumers, while we contribute in developing fans for a more sustainable future. Multi-wing cares for our environment and a green future.

Own motor design, optimized for axial fans

In order to offer apex performance, reliability, and price, we have used several years to develop our own universal motor platform.
Our design is based on extensive testing, market analysis and customer feedback, and this has defined our future generation of axial fan motors. It is finally here.


We offer our universal motor platform as both AC and PM solution. Our PM motors are based on a design without rare earth magnets, because of the importance of a safe and independent global supply chain. AC motors are often used on/off in harsh environments, where it isn´t possible to install a drive, or in an application, where it doesn’t run in continuous duty and therefore the focus on energy savings is limited.

PM motors are our preferred solution. With a PM motor and drive you gain the best possibilities to perfectly match the airflow and thereby the power consumption to the application. This gives you and your customers the most sustainable and most energy efficient solutions.

A flexible solution with collaborations

Besides our own motor range, we offer a wide range of flexible solutions in collaboration with well-known brands and trusted manufacturers like Siemens, ABB, etc. Sometimes brands like Siemens, ABB etc. are demanded and therefore it is essential for us to also be able to assist in these cases. We work closely together with several brands.


Unlimited customization possibilities

Our platform is developed with high focus on customization possibilities. In a market of strong competition we understand the importance of specialised possibilities. That is why we aim to offer the best solution for you and your costumers with unlimited customization possibilities. We are able to costumize and optimize applications for any need, and our expert engineers will support you throughout the entire process.


Flexible drive solutions

The key to the most energy efficient system is a good drive. We offer both PM motors with an integrated drive (often called EC motors) and with an external drive. We work with various well-known drive manufactures and our inhouse experts are trained to support and assist your company in finding the right drive for your product. Multi-Wing Motors and Drives is your safe choice in high quality costum-designed axial fan solutions.

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