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Engine Cooling
for rollers

Benefits and features of our axial fans for your rollers

Energy Use



and Durability


Custom engineered engine cooling fans for rollers must be highly reliable, durable, and deliver high performance even under the most challenging conditions, including high levels of vibration. With minimal blade deflection and low noise, Multi-Wing’s custom axial fans are best suited for EGR engines and engines with reduced emissions.

Multi-Wing’s highly efficient axial fans can be engine driven or hydraulic driven. They are the best fit for small, medium, and large rollers.

Multi-Wing’s best axial fan solutions for small, medium, and large rollers:

  • OPMAX2, 1H, diameter 340–550mm, BM clutches available, suitable for ƐPS
  • 4H, 2Z2, 7Z, OPMAX3, OPMAX4, diameter 550–700mm, BM/EV clutches available, suitable for ƐPS
  • OPMAX4, 7Z, 6W, diameter 700 mm, EV clutches available, suitable for ƐPS
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