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Multi-Wing Agri Multi-Wing Agri

Customizable Fans for Any AGRICULTURAL Application.

Multi-Wing Construction Multi-Wing Construction

We offer the widest selection of axial fans on the global market. Multi-Wing has a solution for every need from HVAC/R and engine cooling applications.

Heating, ventilation and refrigeration Heating, ventilation and refrigeration

Multi-Wing has a solution for every need from HVAC/R and engine cooling applications.

Product Concept Product Concept

Find out how Multi-Wing designs industrial axial fans for the worldwide Ventilation, Cooling and Industrial Heat Exchanger markets.

SmartPack 1250 SmartPack 1250

Find out more about SmartPack 1250 from our product list.

SmartPack900 SmartPack900

Find out more about SmartPack 900 from our product list.

Unlimited fan configurations Unlimited fan configurations

Find out about our CUSTOMFAN™ fan packs.

Why Custom Fan? Why Custom Fan?

Find out how we can engineer fan exactly to your needs.

Optimiser Optimiser

Multi-Wing impeller selection software Optimiser has been developed to enable our customers to select the optimum fan solution for their specific application needs.

Please contact a Multi-Wing sales engineer to get your selection verified before placing your order.

Download Optimiser

Designer Designer

Multi-Wing Designer software provides quick and easy 2D and 3D technical drawings and models for custom axial fans available within minutes.

Download Designer

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