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CustomFan Concept

Key features of our CustomFan

Adjustable to your geometry

Motor choice option

Material selection based on your factors

Paint and color that suits you

Enclosures and grids customized to you

Make fanbased to your needs
Expande rangeof fans
Meet your criteriaexactly as you need
Design owncompetitive solution
Improve currentsolution
Mass productionGlobal delivery

Custom Made Fan - Designed to fit in the customer‘s application – not vice versa

The CUSTOMFAN solution presents custom-made fans with Multi-Wing impellers designed to fit your project needs. We know that the impeller is the key component of the axial fan, however, many other factors influence the fan function. In the design process, we take all factors into account to achieve the optimum flow, less vibration and maximum noise reduction.

Advantages of custom-made fan

Adjustment to your geometry, not vice versa. Maximum performance with Multi-Wing impellers without the need to adapt to a catalog fan.

Selection of the motor type that is necessary for your project, according to factors such as power, RPM, quality, etc.

Selection of materials that are necessary for your project according to factors such as high/low temperature, ATEX, chemical substances, etc.

Treatment of the casing, support, and grids according to your project requirements.

Paint and color that suits you.

Client-Engineer discussion



Mass production


To optimize your application, we offer enclosures with a Bellmouth-type entry and a small diffuser at the air outlet. With our enclosures, you will be improving the efficiency of your equipment while reducing noise.


We design and manufacture custom grids for your application. We use two main types of grids – one for protecting the equipment and the other functioning as a structure to hold the motor.


Cooling towers


Industrial condensers

Wood dryers & Drying kilns


Wind power

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