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Axial Fans for Wood Dryers
and Drying Kilns

Benefits and features of our axial fans for wood dryers and drying kilns:

Energy Use

Static Efficiency


Steel Fasteners

ErP 2015
and 2020 Compliance

Designed to meet the challenging requirements of the wood drying industry, Multi-Wing’s custom axial fans for wood dryers and drying kilns provide high airflow with low energy consumption while ensuring homogeneous drying in aggressive environments, i.e. high humidity and high ambient temperatures from 100°C up to 230°C (from 212°F up to 446°F). Due to producing equal airflow and pressure on both forward and reverse rotation directions, our fans help you achieve consistent and homogenous wood drying results and improve the overall quality of the process.

Our fans are made of industrial strength materials using special corrosion-resistant aluminum blades and stainless-steel fasteners to provide extra durability and provide outstanding performance in extreme heat. They are highly efficient, extremely durable, and cost-effective. Multi-Wing’s true reversible fans are best suited for conventional or batch kilns. All fans are ErP 2015 and ErP 2020 compliant.

Multi-Wing’s best axial fan solutions for batch, continuous, and vacuum drying kilns

  • TR7Z, TR8Z, TR11W, diameters 800–1250mm
  • 5W, 6W, diameters 800–1400mm

We differentiate ourselves across three parameters

Low noise

Wood drying kilns are gaining proximity to residential areas, which poses a problem for their noise levels, as a result, plants must shut down throughout the night. With Multi-Wing's reversible impeller, noise levels are lower than industry standards, reducing necessary kiln downtime

Energy efficiency

Drying technology must work economically, meaning maximum energy efficiency while drying wood, while in line with deadlines. The Multi-Wing reversible impeller pushes air with ease at low effort, you are looking at lower power consumption, resulting increased efficiency

Even Drying

Air circulation must be uniform and adequate in terms of volume, to ensure even drying, resulting in the best quality. This requires reversible-circulation. Multi-Wing can provide reversible impellers in any shape and size, creating the most uniform drying conditions on the market

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