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Air Cooling Systems
for Wind Turbines

Benefits and features of our air cooling systems for wind turbines:


Maximum Corrosion

100% Uptime

On-Shore and Off-Shore

ErP 2015
and 2020 Compliance

Multi-Wing's Air Cooling Systems are the right solution for your wind power plant. We will supply you with a complete solution tailored to your requirements and advise you on everything. We have completed many projects and are thus familiar with the pitfalls of this industry.

So why is it better to get a complete solution from us and not just an axial fan?

We know your configuration, this makes ordering spare parts easier. We will tune the whole assembly to the best possible parameters. This will save you on costs.

Multi-Wing’s best Air Cooling Systems for wind turbines

  • SmartPack Products
  • CustomFan Products
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