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Air Cooling Systems for Cooling Towers

Benefits and features of our Air Cooling Systems for cooling towers:

Keeping power consumption low

Energy Costs

Maximum Efficiency

Corrosion resistance

Long lifecycle

Heavily exposed to corrosive and wet environments, fans in cooling towers need to be very durable. Cooling towers come in larger but variable sizes so they can be fit for purpose, which also presents variability in the optimal size of the fan.

Multi-Wing can equip your cooling towers with large variable speed fans, tailored for corrosive operating conditions. Our customized designs result in significant energy savings, eliminating the need to invest in several smaller fans.

Multi-Wing’s best Air Cooling Systems for small, medium, or large cooling towers

  • SmartPack Products
  • CustomFan Products

We differentiate ourselves across three parameters

Fan Size

Cooling towers are large fixtures, requiring equally large industrial cooling fans in sizes excess of 2 meters. With Multi-Wing's long impeller history, we can customize impellers up to 1,800mm, in any shape, and format, as required by your application

Energy efficiency

Impeller diameters within cooling towers are larger than average, making energy particularly important, as operation requires extra power. But with an optimized impeller design, that pushes air with ease at low effort, you are looking at lower power consumption, resulting in increased efficiency


Cooling towers are big, and require both human and machine capacity to conduct any type of maintenance, which is both costly and timely. With Multi-Wing fan solutions, you are getting the highest corrosion protection with IP55 and above, as well as motor coatings, and suitable materials – ensuring a long lifecycle for even the heaviest duty applications

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