Multi-Wing fan profiles

Multi-Wing’s axial fans can be designed from various axial blade profiles and different materials to fit perfectly to any HVAC/R or engine cooling need.

Properly selected blade design and material contribute to optimal air flow, high performance and low noise operation.

Airfoil axial fans

High Efficiency l Low Power Consumption l Low Noise from Special Twisted Design l Broad Operational Range l Blowing and Sucking

Multi-Wing’s Airfoil Blade Profile ensures axial fan high volume flow with low power consumption. The Airfoil blades allow varying pitch angles to control air volume and meet the Tier 4F and Tier 5 emissions and Stage V standards. The available diameter range is 222-2746mm (8-108 inch). The Airfoil blade’s best suitable use is any air moving application, like cooling towers and engine cooling applications. 


Broad paddle axial fans

Coil Applications l Low Speed Motors l Reduced Noise at Lower Speeds l High Solidity l Large Chord Length

Multi-Wing’s Broad Paddle Blade Profile produces higher air volumes and performance at low speed and noise. The available diameter range is 218-1656mm (10-65 inches). The best use of Broad Paddle blades is in cooling towers, condensers, coil applications, ventilation, refrigeration, heat exchangers, dry coolers and oil coolers.


EMAX axial fans

Ventilation Applications with High Efficiency Rates l ErP Directive Compliant l Reduced Noise by 2-3dB l Fits Existing Hubs l 2-4% Improved Efficiency  

Multi-Wing’s EMAX Blade Profile contributes to power consumption reduction while reducing noise by 2-3dB. Flexible EMAX design is highly adjustable to fit 5 different existing hub sizes and enables 23 different pitch angles. The available diameter range is 624-920mm (24-36 inch). The EMAX blade is perfect in ventilation applications that require high efficiency rates and meets the ErP 2020 Directive.


Fan & Clutch solutions

One Integrated Solution l Custom-made l Mixed Flow Fan l Speed Regulation l Easy Maintenance l E-viscous & Bi-metal Clutches l Tier 4F, Tier 5 & Stage V Compliant l Plug & Play

Multi-Wing’s custom-made Fan & Clutch solution regulates speed, optimizes fuel consumption and reduces noise emissions. Cost-effective bi-metal and electronically controlled (e-viscous) clutches are designed for an expanded and precise speed controllability, characterized by low maintenance and plug & play ease of use. Fan & Clutch solutions are Tier 4F, Tier 5 and Stage V compliant. The best use of Multi-Wing’s Fan & Clutch is in engine cooling applications such as agriculture and construction machinery.


Increasing arc axial fans

High Performance l High Static Pressure l Corrosion Proof l Robust l Light Weight l Fit for Inlet Conditions

Multi-Wing’s Increasing Arc blade profile ensures high performance in space-restricted inlet conditions. The fan is half the weight of steel and its lower moment of inertia reduces wear on drive components. The broad tip area of the increasing arc improves fan performance in applications where space restrictions make inlet conditions less than ideal.

The available diameter range is 222-1255mm (8.7-49.5 inches). Our Increasing Arc blade is suitable for compressors, generators, construction machines, cranes and chassis.


Multi-Wing ƐPS

Effective Upgrade to Any Fan l Increased Efficiency l Minimalized Turbulence l Easy Maintenance l Lowers Noise

Multi-Wing ePS™ is a highly efficient upgrade to any custom-made axial fan. Multi-Wing ePS are special bristles attached at the end of the blade. ePS ensures closure of the boundary between a shroud and a fan, triggers minimal turbulence, offers smooth motion, lower noise, higher efficiency and pressure performance. Our bristles are easy to maintain, improve pressure capabilities up to 25%, boost efficiency up to 8% points and reduce noise emissions. Multi-Wing ePS bristles enhance performance in any application.


High chemical resistance verified by third-party testing

Bristles provide high mechanical and chemical resistance allowing for a multitude of uses in various industries and applications. They can endure temperatures up to 120 °C (248 °F). Static strength tests show that Multi-Wing ePS can withstand loads of more than 40N/mm, allowing for the usual maximum operating speed of PAG fans, which are used especially in the most demanding environments, such as off-road applications. Fatigue testing proves that performance and noise remain unchanged and maintain optimal performance levels even after 400,000 impacts. The chemical resistance test performed by a third party institute shows no damage to the Multi-Wing ePS when exposed to hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, coolant, as well as R134a refrigerant and lubricant.

MxFlo mixed flow fans

50% Higher Static Pressure l Peak Efficiency at Higher Pressure l Narrow Blade Profile l Clutches Fit l Tier 4F, Tier 5 and Stage V Compliant l Optimises Performance l Less Fuel Consumption

Multi-Wing’s custom MxFlo Mixed Flow fan achieves peak performance at higher pressures, optimises fuel consumption and provides ideal airflow, thereby reducing turbulence and increasing efficiency. 


The MxFlo is designed to be used with clutches and combines axial and radial air flow for engine cooling. It consists of nine fan blades and one hub - all cast in polyamide-reinforced glass, which results in less wear and tear on motors and bearings. 

MxFlo fans feature narrow blade profile optimally suited for fitting into tight engine compartments commonly used in off-road Tier 4F, Tier 5 and Stage V applications. MxFlo fans are available in diameter of 550-735mm (21.6-29 inches) and different pitch angles.

PressureMAX axial fans

High Pressure l 5-7% More Efficiency l Saving Fuel and Horsepower l Perfect in Tight Installation Spaces l Reduced Turbulence l Tier 4F & Tier 5 Emissions l Stage V Standards l Up to 20% More Static Pressure l Low Noise

Multi-Wing's PressureMAX profile is a blade used in high-pressure axial fans when cooling the engine. Compared to airfoil blade profiles, it produces 20% more static pressure, practically zero blade deformation, saves fuel and power, and delivers 5-7% more efficiency.

The available diameter range is 445-1295mm (17.5-51 inches). The PressureMAX axial fans are Tier 4 & Tier 5 emissions and Stage V Standards compliant.

Our PressureMAX Blade is ideal for assembly in tight installation areas such as radiator and engine cooling applications, which require high pressure in a narrow cooling package.


Sickle axial fans

Reduced Noise by 7dB l Low Noise Capabilities Fit l Maintaining Performance at Lower Speeds l High Pressure

Multi-Wing’s Sickle Blade is characterized by a long chord length that creates a higher pressure with low noise (reduced noise by 7dB). It maintains power and creates higher pressure at lower speeds.

The Sickle blade is an optimal solution for a low noise application in refrigeration and engine cooling systems, such as oil coolers, compressors, generators and off-highway equipment. The available diameter range is 284-2536 mm (12-99 inches).


True reversible axial fans

High Efficiency & Pressure l Reversible Configuration l Equal Airflow in Both Directions l Low Noise l Cost Effective l Up to 74% More Efficiency

Multi-Wing’s True Reversible blade profile provides up to 74% more efficiency thanks to its reversible configuration, which allows for even airflow in both directions. The True Reversible blade performs well in high efficiency, high pressure and low noise, and still remains a cost-effective alternative. The available diameter range is 325-1606mm (13-63 inches). It can be used in drying kilns, tunnel ventilation, brick drying and other applications.



Add-on to the Tip of the Blade l Next Level of Low Noise Solutions l Effective Fan Upgrade l Impressive Reduction of Sound l Cost Saving

The winglet is a highly effective addition to the best axial fan technology. They reduce noise by up to 7dBA as the leakage of the air through the tip clearance is prevented and blade tip vortexes are minimized. Winglets are thermoplastic add-ons that are riveted to the top of each blade. The riveted attachment solution is very strong and maintains the temperature range of the blade material. Winglets are designed for industrial cooling applications in the middle pressure HVAC segment, such as condensers, flatbed coolers, and V-coolers, and offer standard fan design flexibility and cost savings. Our next level of low noise solutions has been designed specifically for 1W fan blades, but they could be modified to fit other blade profiles. The blades are available in a variety of materials.

Our Winglets are designed for pitches ranging from 40 to 50 degrees, and they can be mounted on impellers within diameter range 850mm to 1340mm. They are applicable in Bellmouth inlet. The data are available in Optimiser selection software.