Custom Axial Fans are our Passion Since 1938

About Us

Multi-Wing Today

We're more than just a regular company

Multi-Wing is home to a global team of over 330 professionals, along with the 20+ worldwide locations where we assemble and design the finest axial fans on the market. We are a company of engineers, designers, specialized production, sales, finance, customer service, supply chain, HR and marketing professionals. Together, our team works hard to ensure that you receive the highest quality custom-designed axial fans, precisely as ordered and delivered on time to meet your project goals. At Multi-Wing we are continually improving our products, components and assembly methods by investing in the latest technologies and ongoing research efforts. Every Multi-Wing axial fan is a masterpiece.    

Global experience & knowledge with local accessibility

Multi-Wing has developed from a small Danish company into a global industry leader within 60 years. Today Multi-Wing Group meets customer needs all over the world through our global distribution covering all continents and 75 countries with tailor-made product and service solutions. Our solutions are based on the widest product range on the market, high quality and service together with 60+ years of market experience and 40+ years of experience with strategic partnerships.

Multi-Wing Group global distribution is supported by an optimized company structure and flow of goods, strong relationships with members of our value chain together with detailed control of all the processes from innovation to distribution.

Multi-Wing History

Our background

Custom Axial Fans are our Passion Since 1938.

Multi-Wing Group was originally founded by Finn Sigurd Andersen in 1938 as a local company trading hand tools and oil filters with small business customers in Denmark.

Today Multi-Wing Group supports a diverse base of customers both large and small all over the world in the HVAC/R and engine cooling segments. We meet our customers’ complex air-moving requirements by designing and creating tailor-made axial fan products covering a huge number of service and product configurations.

Our heritage and focus

The move into axial fans happened almost by chance.

In 1958 Finn Sigurd Andersen bought a new car - the innovative Citroen DS19.

The first time Finn drove it to the office the car attracted a great deal of attention, especially the engine, which surprisingly featured a plastic engine cooling fan. Finn’s cousin, Harald, was there that day and was intrigued by the concept of making fans out of thermoplastic. From here inspiration was born and Finn came up with the idea of producing a fan from individual components.

Harald realized that by combining relatively few components it would be possible to produce a vast number of different fans. This led to the creation of a unique modular axial fan platform. Since then, the primary focus and the core business has been the production of high-quality axial fans.