Sales engineers

Multi-Wing’s extensive team of sales engineers are available around the globe.

Applying our experience gathered since the fifties, our sales engineers begin with understanding your product and your success criteria. We design customized solutions for your application, building each fan from the highest quality components. 

From our Sales Engineers and Customer Service Department to our Manufacturing and Shipping staff, we will ensure that every single custom axial fan selection is built to perform and deliver the way you need it to.

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Optimiser axial fan selection software has been developed by Multi-Wing to enable our clients to select the optimum fan solution for their specific application needs. It can be used as a quick reference guide, and as an advanced tool in the product development process.
Optimiser uses your application requirement data, airflow, pressure, and power consumption to select the perfect Multi-Wing fan solution which matches the required performance. In addition, you will also be provided with a range of useful mechanical and technical information about the suggested fan solution.
Performance, sound and mechanical data are measured in our wind tunnels at the Multi-Wing premises in accordance with the AMCA A / ISO 5801 standard.

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Multi-Wing Designer software provides quick and easy 2D and 3D technical drawings and models for custom axial fans available within minutes. Multi-Wing Designer is based on Solid Works software. Designer is merged with Multi-Wing Optimiser and is your complete software package to select and document the cooling solution for your product.
We are able to help you with 2D drawings of your company’s drawing frame. All you need to do is provide a frame in the preferred paper size.

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White paper service

Do you want to tap into our research? Our team of engineers and technicians research various topics relating to industrial heat exchangers, such as aerodynamic optimisation, efficiency improvements and noise emission.

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Quality Assurance


All Multi-Wing group companies are ISO9001:2015 Multi-Site certified.
Our quality standards are cultivated through strategic partnerships in our value chain securing consistent product quality and service throughout all our group companies. We control all processes from innovation to production and distribution.
The automotive segment has for many years been at the forefront of implementing value-added quality tools and measures. We have implemented useful elements from APQP and ISO TS 16949 Process Approach in order to ensure the best possible quality of our products.


At Multi-Wing, long-term investments in new technologies help our Research and Development team create the highest performing axial fan designs. This allows us to engineer advanced blade profiles that target specific air-moving challenges, such as the demand for higher pressure in a high efficiency blade profile.
We use Computational Fluid Dynamics and other innovative technologies, which allow us to research axial fan blade performance and optimize its performance to meet and exceed the desired design criteria.
Utilizing a wealth of performance data and geometric requirements, our Research & Development team at Multi-Wing is able to design exact scale models of fan blades from a 3D file using our in-house Rapid Prototyping Machine.
In special cases we can design a one-piece moulded fan solution fitted perfectly for your product by applying our efficient project management methods and validation techniques.

Performance testing

Technical excellence is a cornerstone of our business. We test extensively on our range of axial fans and on complete customer units. Our experts in aerodynamics will work with you determining the optimum installation parameters and mapping the airflow conditions. The outcome is an optimisation process focusing on higher efficiency and lower noise emission providing valuable input to your development process. A step that reduces costly field testing.

Using our wind tunnel facilities and Optimiser functionalities, you can achieve ErP validation.

With wind tunnels at our premises we test units in regard to air, pressure and sound performance testing in accordance to ISO5801. We hold AMCA accreditation testing fans up to 2,3m:

  • Air performance: AMCA 210 Fig.15
  • Sound performance: AMCA 300 Fig.3

Sound testing

Besides wind tunnel noise emission testing, we have invested heavily in noise diagnostic facilities to measure in accordance to ISO 3745:2017, ISO 3744:2010 and ISO 6393:2008. Send us your product to achieve data tested in free field conditions.

Learn about sound measuring techniques:


Our axial fan solutions go through an exhaustive mechanical validation process. We perform in-house spin burst, strain gauge, fatigue, start-stop, impact, deflection, and vibration testing to ensure the durability.

Our engineers also assist with on-site validation typically involving vibration and strain gauge stress measurements.