Axial fan airfoil high efficiency


At Multi-Wing the innovation process is driven by our unsurpassed experience and aerodynamic research and development.

Multi-Wing’s long-term investment in new technologies has pushed our Research and Development team beyond conventional axial fan designs, allowing us to engineer advanced blade profiles that target specific air-moving challenges like the demand for higher pressure in a high efficiency blade profile.
"Using Computational Fluid Dynamics"

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and other innovative technologies, we can study the performance of specific sections of an axial fan blade, and then optimize that performance for the targeted design criteria.
Computational fluid dynamicsAt Multi-Wing we use Flow Diagnostics to determine key variables including mean velocity, turbulence intensity, and the effect of contraction ratio in the working section of the axial fan blade. This process is integral in developing cutting-edge features in the fan blade.

This wealth of performance data and geometric requirements allow our Research & Development team at Multi-Wing to design an exact scale model of a fan blade from a 3D file using our in-house Rapid Prototyping Machine.
Each model goes through exhaustive wind tunnel analyses at our global R&D facility, which are complemented by a battery of evaluations including spin burst tests and rigorous field tests using strain gauge stress measurements.
Multi-Wing innovation is driven by our customer partnerships and is supported by our unsurpassed experience and aerodynamic research and development. A lot of regulatory requirements entail tough air-moving challenges for our customers, and Multi-Wing responds with the development of tailor-made design of axial fan blades or one piece moulded axial fans.

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Technical drawing service

The purpose of the Multi-Wing Designer software is to enable our customers to make 2D and 3D drawings quickly and easily.

Fan selection software

The Optimiser fan selection software has been developed by Multi-Wing to enable our customers to select the optimum fan solution for your specific application requirements.
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