Axial fan airfoil high efficiency

The PressureMAX movie

Follow the design process of our high pressure axial fan PressureMAX

At Multi-Wing we have a team of dedicated R&D engineers with a long experience of designing tailormade axial fans for our customers around the world. The design process is driven by this unsurpassed experience, in-depth aerodynamic research and development, and a close interaction between our customers, the market needs and our engineers.

Using advanced innovative technologies we design blade profiles that target very specific air-moving challenges based on market needs or specific customer demands. Our newly designed PressureMAX blade profile has been designed to handle the high heat rejection requirements and ambient temperatures that result from Tier4 / Stage III B.

To illustrate our complex and thorough design process we have made a film based on the design of the PressureMAX profile.

Please have a look at our PressureMAX movie.

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