Axial fan airfoil high efficiency

Multi-Wing ƐPS

A new add-on to close the gap between the shroud and the fan.


New to the extensive range of modular Multi-Wing products are the Multi-Wing ePS™. Multi-Wing ePS™ are bristles which are attached to the end of the blade as adhesive "eyebrows". They are an ingenious yet highly effective addition to today's best fan technology, simply reducing the gap between the blade and its encasement, and minimising turbulence in the blade itself.

The result? Tangible improvements in fan performance, blades that move more smoothly, and fans that operate with less noise and higher efficiency.


Multi-Wing ePS™ is applicable on every Multi-Wing fan blade and the smart adhesive system enables easy maintenance, even in the field. The bristles provide high mechanical as well as chemical resistance making it usable in multiple industries and applications. They are usable for temperatures up to 120 degrees C, the same operating range as our PAG fans.

Static strength tests show that Multi-Wing ePS™ can withstand loads of more than 40N/mm allowing the usual max operating speed for PAG fans used particularly in the toughest environments such as in Off-Road applications. Fatigues testing prove that performance and noise remain unchanged even after 400.000 impacts.

Chemical resistance test at third party institute shows no or little deterioration of Multi-Wing ePS™ when exposed to hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, coolant, refrigiant R134a, and lubricant. 


Your benefits:

  • Improvements on performance, pressure, noise and efficiency

  • Maximum durability in tough environments

  • Ensure ErP compliance by large efficiency increases  

  • High chemical resistance verified by third party testing

  • Improved pressure capabilities up to 25%

  • Improved efficiency up to 8% points

  • Reduced noise emission

Contact your local Sales Engineer to learn more about Multi-Wing ePS™  or download our data sheet 

Stationary applications

Stationary equipment is typically compressors and generator sets often used as emergency equipment either at hospitals, mines or off-shore sites.

Radiator manufacturers

Designing fans for radiator packages is one of our core competencies. It is a major part of our business and we have excelled in selecting suitable fans for more than 55 years.

Sickle profile

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True reversible profile

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Broad paddle profile

Multi-Wing’s broad paddle axial fan series is designed for coil applications with low speed motors and moderate power consumptions.

Airfoil profile

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