Axial fan airfoil high efficiency

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Multi-Wing has tailor-made a special range of fans to match your unique products. Our axial fans are incredibly versatile, because they can be engineered to move air or exchange heat in a spectrum of applications across diverse industrial markets. The series are produced so that the number of blades, material, pitch angle and the direction of rotation of the blades can be varied. Furthermore, the diameter can be adapted according to need.

Low Costs, High Performance
One of the primary benefits of using axial fans built from a system of interchangeable components is their design flexibility. High strength, lightweight materials like engineered thermoplastics and aluminum are a foundation for heavy duty axial fans that can perform in the most demanding applications and environments. Multi-Wing’s high efficiency axial fans can also provide lower power consumption or reduced fuel consumption, which translates into lower operational costs. Another benefit is low noise levels thanks to a swept design and thin trailing edges that reduces pure tones in the sound spectrum and decreases vortex shedding to generate low wake turbulence. This creates a quieter axial fan required for the broad selection of industrial applications.

Multi-Wing’s axial fans are classified into our H, Z, W, GD and M Series fans representing different blade sizes. The H, Z, W and G Series are industrial fan blades which are distinguished by their respective blade roots which mount into a range of fan hubs designed for each series. Each fan series includes various blade profiles. Our D series blades are available in 2- and 4-bladed configurations, and our M Series is a molded, 4-bladed fan. Both M and D fans are broad paddle profiles. Multi-Wing fans range from 200 mm to 2746 mm in diameter.

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