Axial fan airfoil high efficiency

Broad paddle axial fans

Multi-Wing’s broad paddle axial fan series is designed for coil applications with low speed motors and moderate power consumptions such as Cooling Towers, Condensers, Coil Applications, Ventilation and Refrigeration. The broad paddle profile produces higher air volumes at low speeds due to its broad chord width. Lower operating speeds result in lower tip-speed-generated noise.

Your benefits:

  • Reduced noise at lower tip speeds.
  • Maintain performance at lower speeds.
  • High solidity due to large chord length.
  • Diameter range of 218-1656 mm (10-65 inches).

The broad paddle axial fan series D and M are ideal for smaller heat exchanger applications such as oil coolers, air-cooled condensers and dry coolers.

Condensers and Dry Coolers

At Multi-Wing we know that your decisive factor as a manufacturer of condensers or dry coolers is low power consumption.

Livestock Ventilation

Ventilation systems may be either roof mounted units or units incorporated in the walls to ensure best possible climate for livestock typically pigs or chickens.

True reversible profile

Multi-Wing’s innovative true reversible axial fan series is designed for applications that require high efficiency in a reversible configuration.

Airfoil profile

Multi-Wing’s airfoil axial fan series can be used in almost any air moving application such as cooling towers, engine cooling.

PressureMAX profile

This remarkable axial fan can help your company meet the Tier 4 emissions standards and the Stage III B Standards for off highway engines.

Increasing arc profile

Multi-Wing’s increasing arc axial fan series is a suitable solution in applications that demand high performance in challenging inlet conditions.
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