Axial fan airfoil high efficiency

Radiators & Engine cooling

Multi-Wing offers an extensive range of axial fans suitable for radiator packages and other engine cooling applications whether they are for mobile or stationary usage. We have more than twenty fan blades of different profile designs to match your cooling needs. They are available in a variety of materials to accommodate a wide range of operating temperatures.

The PressureMax axial fan has been designed specifically to meet the demands of the TIER IV regulations in the USA and the Stage IIIB regulations in the EU. This fan generates higher pressure rates in compact housing and engine compartments.

Many of our fans are designed to be mounted directly onto large diesel engines. Others provide suitable performance for cooling engines and gearboxes in wind turbines.

In most cases the applications within this segment call for fans with extremely high pressure capabilities and with a low noise signature. From the vast range of Multi-Wing axial fans we offer fan solutions for just that with the add-on of in depth technical expertise from our experienced sales and development teams.

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