Axial fan airfoil high efficiency

Grain dryers

Grain Dryer

Whether you are looking for an axial fan for a batch dryer, recirculating dryer or a continuous flow dryer you can find a suitable axial fan within the Multi-Wing portfolio. Our airfoil type axial fans provide the necessary high performance in terms of high static pressure. The efficiency rates are impressive resulting in as low operating costs as possible. It is recommendable to make use of our fan blades casted in glass reinforced polyamide (PAG) or aluminium, as these blades allow high operating temperatures and make up a really sturdy design while keeping the weight at a minimum. This reduces the wear on the bearings in the installation.

Depending on the size of axial fan that you need, you can find suitable airfoiled fan blades such as 3H, 4Z, 5Z, 5W, 6W, 7W and 9W.

Snow guns

It is important that the axial fan of your choice is extremely durable and able to give you the same high airflow even when temperatures are really low.

Field sprayers

Operating in the fields and often at variable speeds requires an exceptionally strong fan. Within our range of airfoil axial fans you can find a suitable solution for these parameters.
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