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Product Launch: The MxFlo Fan

7. May 2014

The new MxFlo Fan: the pressure's never been greater

At Multi-Wing we are very pleased to introduce our first mixed flow fan to you designed specifically for engine cooling applications. The MxFlo delivers up to 50% greater static pressure than standard axial fans, and it hits peak efficiency at high pressure. Built to solve the stringent emission requirements from Tier 4 and Stage III B Standards for Nonroad Engines, the MxFlo delivers its peak performance under the most challenging conditions. Designed to fit clutches as well, the MxFlo uses a combination of axial and radial airflow to cool the engine.

The MxFlo has an available diameter range of 550 to 735 millimeters and is molded in glass-reinforced polyamide (blades) and long-fiber glass-reinforced polyamide (hub).

Read on to learn more about our new MxFlo fan.

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